' Home of the Fabulous Devon Rex '

KITTENS FOR ADOPTION- update 9th November 2016 .

We are currently taking deposits for our new litters as its the best way to secure a kitten ,  we have white and darker colours.

Kittens will be able to go to their new homes from late December 2016 to April 2017.


We receive so many great stories from our past babies and we keep them (which can be view when visiting us).

Here are just a few :-  Margaret 's email for choosing Huffington now called Basil.

 Her 3rd Devon Rex from Crinklewood - quote "Basil is gorgeous and we adore him except Rosie (last Devon adopted through us) but that's a working progress. Wayne, my hubby, really loves him".

An email from My.

Its been a year since we adopted Gaston and we couldn't imagine life without him. He is such a precious part of our family and he gives us such joy. I'm blown away by his kind and patient nature and the fact that he loves the boys,  even though they can be a bit much sometimes (at least for me).

Gaston sleeps with my eldest son every night, right next to his head on the pillow. His appetite is incredible! He will eat absolutely anything. Once he got a hold of a whole chicken carcass which he dragged out of the bin and when I tried to claim it back - he growled like a dog!

We cannot thank you enough for giving us such a precious little boy, there is not one day that passes when we don't think of how lucky we are to have him in our family. However, we do think tits time that Gaston had a friend, with me working and the boys in daycare, it would be nice for Gaston to have a friend to keep him company during the day and  from the same breeder. We appreciate it if you could keep us in the loop of any upcoming litters. 

Anny's email:

Thank you so much for this beautiful baby. He is just wonderful. He was the best baby in the car, he just went to sleep, no crying, no fear, just slept the whole way. When we got home, he jumped right out of his box and went on a little adventure, exploring the house. We only got home at 9.40pm, so Lily (our daughter) went straight to bed - be had the house to himself and loved it. He jumped into bed with us and slept in my arms all night. Next morning followed me around with his paper ball I gave him and he got me to throw it meowing at me as if I was not fast enough to throw it again. We cannot thank you enough for this wonderful addition to our family. We love him so dearly and he has only been with us for not even 24 hours - Ive, Micheal, Anny & Lily Josephine.

Congratulations on your new girl "Kate Moss" - Mr and Mrs Whalen

who drove all the way from Canberra (after the sad loss of their 11 year devon rex - who was so dear to them). Kate took to them like a duck to water and here is a little from what they had to say after 2 days of owning her  (which touched my heart. "Thank you for trusting us with her. We will always strive to keep her safe and love her unconditionally. For the first time in months we look forward to coming home. Home is once again a living place with a warm heart".

As for the red silver boy. he was warmly accepted into a new home where another Devon was missing his mate and needed a new was as if he had always lived there - daring boy!

We at present, are excepting a litter of whites...people who are after different Colours - we doubt we will have them so "white is the the trend colour at Crinklewood at present".  Our new fur kid "Icyfur" is all grown up after winning many major awards and seems to be 1st in kitten of the year. He now is a DAD! Icyfur struts around like a lion, as confident as ever with big beautiful blue eyes and a coat to die for, we will be looking at his kittens with great interest.

OUR KITTENS WILL COME, and what to expect

The kitten/s will come vaccinated with f3 /Micro-chipped / wormed / fully weaned / fully Litter trained and socialized / FULLY vet checked / DE SEXED /copy of their pedigree.(for interstate health check certificate day before traveling)Our kittens are Desexed between 12 and 16 weeks. We try to pace ourselves, as every step has some stress attached to it. e.g. desexing ,  although run around just a few hours after desexing, still need a certain period of time to get over that procedure. Girls at least  14 days before traveling.Occasionally  some people are a little concerned that the kitten will miss mum, the reason why kittens should never leave mum before 10 weeks is that they are every week learning , off  mum and siblings, but you can see a marked change by the time they reach 10 to 12 weeks, they seem more independent, want more of your attention, start to separate and choose smaller groups , and even their own bed. Mums are by now crossing their arms to say "no more milk for you"and less to do with them, the mums by then also have access to separate areas to get away from them. so yes you know its time,especially when they all climb up your leg and say"are you my new mum", and then I phone to say" time to pick up baby"
Photos of their growing up / an informative folder which holds vaccination certificate /micro-chipped details/ diet and worming dates / what to have ready / sample products (when available) / and a free photo shoot. They are very playful and very affectionate! are are kissed and cuddled every day!
Most kitten's parents are titled (this means that they are at least Champions to Gold Double Grand Champions). Also have attained some special recognition at some shows .
we also have Imported Bloodlines, from New zealand
,America, Poland,  Sweden .
 Our kittens are true to type, what you would expect in a pedigreed Devon Rex.
Some are after show kittens, while no one can predict the success of any show cat. Its important that you read what the standard is, and then we can guide you what is the best choice. We expect though that your love be first for the breed and secondly for the show success.
The Devon Rex is very intelligent, mischievous, inquisitive and active.
While they are an active breed they thrive on human companionship and love to be close to their owners.
"Where you go, I will follow" as that song goes. They enjoy sitting on your lap, down your cloths, on your shoulder, snuggling up with you in bed.
They have being described as "monkey in cats clothing",
their voices are more of chirp than a meow - they are not over talkative.
  Devon s can live,  10 to 15 years. If you are going to have a family, will you change your mind?  You should not, your Devon should be always part of your family and other baby that may come along is an addition.
If you find that in the future you come into difficulty, you will have signed a contract that states that the breeder must be notified of this change.
      While the Devon Rex is low allergy, producing less dander, you can come for a pat to see if you react.
I have to point out though that if you have never had a cat, and you do have some allergies, it's not wise to think that you need to smother yourself and then stick fingers into your eyes and assume that nothing will happen, it will, to me that is a bit like doing animal testing by getting strong shampoo sticking into a poor rabbits eye and then state, "oh, its reacted"...( I do not approve of ANY animal testing)
You need to desensitize yourself, sometimes through antihistamines and bathing your kitten.
All in all, when some one really wants a Devon, they will try hard to retain it.


 There are 2 types -  pixie and elfin.
Devons are  medium sized. Adults should weight between 3 and 4 kilos (desexed can weight up to 7 kilos)
muscular body, with hind legs longer than front legs.
A modified wedge shaped head, with a marked stop with large eyes, broad cheekbones, strong chin and a short muzzle.The ears large and low set.
The coat is short and curly. It contains 3 types of hair, gard awn and down(show cat should not have gard hairs).
Whiskers and eyebrows - short crinkled and brittle and can break easily.How do they feel? like crushed velvet!
Its preferable to inquire ahead of time if you are after a specific colour.

Due to NOT having protection of extra hair, their large ears can collect more earwax, so regular cleaning is required. Bald kittens until they grow their full coat should be cleaned regularly, as they can build up sweat, a salmon colour e.g. on their tummies, just wipe with a super wipe or wash cloth and powder with talcum powder with corn starch. over heating and non washing the area can result in fungal infections.


We can organize interstate travel - extra cost - varies on location.This includes carrier.
 We take the kittens / kitten ourselves to the airport to make sure that they have been with us every step of the way, or, for overseas -  Dogtainers!
 We phone you when they have been dropped off at the terminal, either Qantas Freight or Virgin Airlines.
We expect you to contact us on their arrival.
We offer an on-going service on how to care for this wonderful breed.



Think outside the square - place a large water bowel, not easily knocked over (no plastic), go for china plates that can be dishwasher safe.
Good dry food - Hills Science Diet Kitten
Kitty litter tray - buy larger than you think, kitten will grow and you will be surprised how high they will climb - hooded trays are also good. Buy 2 if you are in a hurry, then you can put one out and place a clean one. Kitty litter we use, Breeders Choice or Max's kitty litter at the early stages (NO CRYSTALS).
Always choose the most expensive one you can get (I know a company that can make them to your requirements or standard, who also re carpets them). It will be with you for a long time and the pole part be as tall as you can get, as your kitten grows he/she will stretch to scratch. Try not to put scratch post in a hidden area, kittens want to be with you and play close by.
Your kitten/s have been trained to have his/her nails trimmed every week. Keep this routine up and you will have a very well manicured cat in the future.
Cotton tips and cotton wool - you will have been shown how to clean ears - they will get dirty (weekly check).
Go to town with that one - buy mouse that is smaller than the kitten is really the way to go - also, something that the kitten can pick up will be great. Have a toy box - all the best weekly collecting all the toys from under the lounge!
Invest in a hooded bed, with heating for winter and some bunny rugs (wash rug before use in mild soap) and some 'throws' around the lounge etc. For summer, go for lighter 'throws' and cotton bedding. Note - kittens snuggle up and they can over heat, producing sweat - if this is not cleaned, they can get rashes and fungal infections. So, wash your blankets and keep everything clean on weekly basis!
Choose an airline approved carrier or a good size one with a blanket for winter and light cover for summer. The internet have some super and delightful ones made of canvas to buy! I have seen some beautiful ones!


My best flower is the Lily, the most beautifully perfumed and deadly flower for a kitten/cat - every part of the plant is deadly. We had a very distressing experience - my daughter was keeping a most beautiful seal point kitten - her anniversary had come, she was given a multiple large arrangement of Lily's. She placed the Lily's up high, a small leaf must have fallen to the ground, the seal point kitten must of ate it - within 4 days the kitten got lethargic and was rushed to the vets, it was too late - the kitten died of renal failure - the vet related the death to the Lily plant.
(Please 'Google' on the internet about plants toxic to cats - it will explain what is dangerous to cats.)


My baby Ice Prince has won a few major awards during his few months on the bench, including canerra show runner up best in show.
Best of breed at CCCA Nationls 2016 Adelaide and in top 15. this little boy wags his tail and half his body, a real puppy like, a very happy lay back boy and yes, he is now finally enjoying a bath!